During the Big Brother Nigeria reality show that aired earlier this year, one of the female housemates, Cee-c, became popularly known as a drama queen by viewers because of her antics in the house.

A drama queen loves to be at the centre of attention

She owned that title with her chest when she got wind of it and didn’t back down. This larger than life attitude earned her the admiration of Afro-pop singer, Small Doctor who went on Twitter to say he would like to marry Cee-c and declared, “I need a drama queen in my life.” 

As adorable as that sounds, not every guy has the energy to put up with a lady that always makes a mountain out of a molehill, or wants the world to stop spinning once she says so.

In that case, let’s save you a lot of headache by sharing with you 4 obvious signs that your girlfriend is a bona fide drama queen.

1. She loves to be the centre of attention: Doesn’t just crave your attention alone, she also enjoys having the spotlight on her everywhere she goes. When you two go out together, she dresses in outfits that command attention and she would always position herself in places where everyone would notice her presence.

2. She wants everything done her way: In her mind, she is the ultimate human being and everyone needs to do things the way she wants or there’ll be trouble. She would always override your decisions with hers and start a fight if you don’t agree with her.

3. She loves drama: A drama queen loves uproar because she thinks it’s exciting when everyone is pissed and yelling at each other. She will turn a minor issue into a big deal and drag the matter until she wears you out with it.

4. She puts a distance between you and your friends: She seems to have a problem with everyone and would somehow start a conflict with even the gentlest human being. Her unpleasant attitude would eventually make your friends avoid you because they don’t want to come in contact with her.