Who remembers that old Mel Gibson movie titled, 'What Women Want?'

For those who don’t know the movie, it tells the story of a cassanova (Gibson) who accidentally got electrocuted at home while testing some female products ahead of a major advertising campaign at work. 

Every woman wants her man to really listen to her.

Thankfully, he survived the accident but as a result, he was able to hear women’s thoughts – a ‘gift’ that further increased his conquests.

Okay, maybe we don’t need something as dramatic as mind reading for our men to be able to figure out what we want, but it would help a lot if they knew what to do as far as relationships are concerned.

So dear Nigerian men, here 4 things women really want you to know right now.

1. Please listen: As in, really listen. When she tells you something is bothering her about your relationship, don’t brush it off or consider it as nagging. Calm down and listen because it means she cares about what you have together and wants you to be committed to fixing the problem and saving your relationship. Make an effort to meet her halfway on whatever issue she’s addressing and she’ll appreciate you for that.

2. Marriage race: Contrary to popular beliefs, not all young Nigerian women are aspiring to marriage once they get into a relationship. Some actually enjoy being in a healthy, loving relationship while they pursue their careers or business ventures. Stop assuming every girl you date wants to marry you. 

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3. Get a maid: Just because a girl is dating you doesn’t mean you have the right to now convert her into your maid who will cook, clean, do your laundry and still be ready to have sex with you whenever you want. If she chooses to do any of these for you, fine. But don’t think you’re entitled to those ‘services’. Hire a maid to do your chores for you if you can’t do them yourself.

4. Be faithful: It’s a man’s world, they say. But guess what, gone are the days when women were literally compelled to stay with a man who has been unfaithful to them. Times have changed. Don’t expect fidelity from your woman when you can’t be faithful to her. And there’s no law that says she can’t leave you when you cheat. Apologies and gifts won’t always work so don’t be unfortunate.