Few days ago, the story emerged online of a 17-year-old girl Titobiloba Segun-Banjo who had gone missing in Lagos.

The story was that she was sent on an errand by her father around the UNILAG-Akoka area of Lagos on Saturday November 17, 2018 and did not return home.

But after three days, just when the family’s cry was going viral, the girl returned home on Tuesday and the family has since been mute about what really happened.

We are all allowed to draw up assumptions and conclusions, but we surely cannot blame the family for crying out quickly because, indeed, these are dangerous times.

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The spate of killings for ritual purposes has assumed an alarming rate in Nigeria with different styles deployed by these demons to get their preys and it gets worse during election period.

We have read of an evil forest used as ritualists’ den in Enugu state with the recovery of fresh and decomposing human parts.

How can we ever forget the story of Soca area of Ibadan and the gory sight of human parts and belongings of kidnap victims?

Late 2016 in Abuja, a dismembered body of an unidentified lady was recovered at the Lower Usuma Dam junction, along Dutse-Bwari Road. One of her breasts was cut off, while the rest of the body was cut into two from the abdomen, an indication that the killing was for ritual.

Some of the victims were kidnapped after boarding the wrong commercial vehicle. Some were seized from their cars, homes, and several other places while minding their businesses.

However, we also know that some of these victims were also young ladies who walked right into the ritualists’ dens in the name of doing runs – modernized prostitution.

If you have not watched the December 2017 documentary by Bounce News, now is the time to watch it. Then you will understand that these dangers are real.

Active runs girls took turns to reveal what goes on in the underworld where one night out for prostitutes have led to many deaths.

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Dear runs girls shine your eyes!

The 2019 elections are upon us and if you are not averse to being drawn back to history, you will agree that this season comes with a lot of desperate moves by politicians to hold on to power.

If you are still in doubt, how about the several cases of arrested suspects and herbalists who have accused politicians and government officials of being behind their crimes with claims that they use human beings for rituals?

The trend is usually on the rise when its election period and the 2019 election will not be different as cases of missing people are already on the increase.

It is not every man that you should go home with at times like this. The evil politicians are back out hunting because, as you already know, 2019 is do-or-die for many of them.

Are those few naira notes worth dying for? Are they worth losing body parts for? This time, it's not all "hook-ups" that will end happy and you have a choice to make.

They will hit the clubs flashing cash. They will entice you with the finest of cars and display affluence to assure you that they would be good customers.

If you fall for their antics, you may not live to tell the story.

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