People who are fond of wearing heavy make-up on their faces and skins to enhance their beauty have been warned to reduce such to its barest minimum.

Some dermatologists, who gave the warning on Monday, said the applicants face the risk of skin cancer, irritation and other diseases.

They took turns to highlight some of the major reasons women need to cut down on the use of makeup.

1. Skin Cancer

A Lagos-based dermatologist, Alex Adeniyi, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that excessive use of make-up could cause skin irritation, allergies and skin cancer on the users.

He attributed this to the chemical contents of most make-up.

Mrs Pamale Obunwa, a beautician and make-up seller also warned that women should know their skin types in order to apply appropriate make-up particularly on their faces.

“Wrong application of make-up is very harmful and can cause skin cancer.

“It is better to enhance your skin with quality products,” she said.

2. Germs and Harmful Toxins

Mr Adeniyi also said that excessive make-up could expose the skins and the eyes of users to germs and harmful toxins.

“Chemicals found in lipsticks, eye pencils, mascara and kajal among others, can cause serious health problems.

“Women who apply make-up on their skins must always clean their faces before going to bed, to remove all traces of chemicals from their skins,’’ he said.

Adeniyi said that it is imperative to use suitable face washes, cleansers, toners and scrubs to wash off make-up on the skin daily.

“This must be done, especially, at night to avert any skin irritation or disease,” he advised.

3. High Blood Pressure, Reduction in Fertility

Similarly, Mrs Tobi Davis, another dermatologist, said the harmful effects of make-up are not limited to skin-related issues but to other health challenges.

“Lipsticks, kajal sticks, eye-shadows are known to contain carcinogenic and neurotoxin chemicals that can have adverse effects on the skin

“This can lead users to developing high blood pressure, allergies, behavioural abnormalities, and reduction in fertility.

“Some chemical preservatives used in many cosmetics are hazardous to the human biological and physiological systems,” she said.

4. Wrinkles

It was acknowledged that excessive make-up by women is also aimed at covering up skin problems - pimples, allergies, patches, scars, dark circles, boils and wrinkles.

But Davis warned, “If care is not taken the reverse will be the case; instead of beautifying, it will cause more problems for the skin.”

The dermatologist said that applying too much make-up on any skin would lead to wrinkles and spots on portions the applicant is attempting to conceal.

“This will make the person look older than his or her age,” she said.

She advised make-up enthusiasts to always remove all traces of chemicals from their skins by applying face washes, cleansers and scrubs.

“Women should use natural facial treatment like cumber, tomatoes, honey and eggs instead of using unsafe products,” she said.


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