So, the other day, news broke that the spiritual backbone of the notorious Badoo cult had been arrested in faraway Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state.

Some of us are still celebrating this because we know how much influence his fetish backing must have had on the way those boys kill recklessly.

A few things caught my attention while the Lagos Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal led the operation to burst the shrine in Imosan village.

First was the look on the young herbalist’s face while he was being led, handcuffed into the waiting police van.

For all the crimes that have been committed by the Badoo cult; the innocent lives taken, the young destinies cut short, the pregnant women, the babies who heads were smashed and so much more, you would expect some remorse, won’t you?

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Ladies and gentlemen, you must have seen the photo and it may have annoyed you. If it didn’t, you probably have not seen the evil called Badoo in action.

The man supposedly responsible for the charms they use in getting out of their operation uncaught was seen smiling.

What could possibly be funny at that time?

The easiest assumption is that Alese was unperturbed by his arrest because he ‘knows’ he would come out unscathed.

Business as usual is what they call it, whereby all you need to escape the law is to know a few powerful people and bingo! the police is caged.

Business as usual is when you trace the origin of the crime to some politicians and police themselves begin to see the need to “tread cautiously”.

Business as usual is when you claim that you are simply a service provider who knows nothing about your client’s nature of business, and before we blink you’re back home.

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But even if he was ignorant of what his ‘powers’ were used for, shouldn’t the realization that he may have been aiding crimes against humanity make him sad?

Next off is the age of the so-called herbalist, Fatai Adebayo alias Adaripo. Dude is 34 years old! 

Before now, when you read words like spiritual backbone, herbalist, babalawo, dibia...etc., what comes to mind is an old, haggard and sometimes partially blind but mentally alert man.

Blame Nollywood and the early days of ‘Tales By Moonlight’ for misleading us but now we know the reality is that the supposedly liberal youths are becoming the more fetish.

So, next time you think of your village witch, forget about those old men and women and pay attention to those fine boys and girls you think are modern and harmless.

Still On The Matter

Back to Badoo and their Babalawo, thanks to the doggedness of the Lagos Commissioner of Police, it has been one success story after the other in the war against these heartless killers.

But these successes on the Badoo case might also be the biggest challenge the police would face.

Dear Commissioner of Police, Lagosians and indeed Nigerians already feel highly insulted by what looks like a nonchalant attitude by this suspect and we will be watching keenly how you handle his case.

Too many lives have been lost, many widowed and children orphaned. This cannot go the way of business as usual. It must not.

The latest news is that the man suspected to be the big man behind Badoo, Alaka Abayomi, is already talking tough.

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But it was great relief seeing the Commissioner of Police speaking even tougher at the Force Headquarters when confronted with Alaka’s statements on Thursday, January 4.

It was also good to see that the previously smiling suspected Babalawo wore a very much more subdued look when presented before the media on the same day.

We respect your stand that ‘all suspects are presumed innocent until proven otherwise’ hence your refusal of cameras, but we also demand that no one found guilty in these killings should go unpunished.

This may just be Mr Edgal Imohimi’s biggest legacy as Lagos state Commissioner of Police.