This is not the kind of snake we find in Nigeria that swallows millions of Naira. This one is deadly. 

A man got more than he bargained for after killing a rattlesnake and this should be a warning that the next time you kill a snake you don't have to touch it. 

Few days ago, a man in the United States of America killed a rattlesnake while working in his home in Lake Corpus with his wife Jennifer Sutcliffe, who now shares the story.

She said she they were doing yard work at their home near Lake Corpus Christi when he came upon a 4-foot rattlesnake.

He beheaded it with a shovel, but he soon found out how dangerous a dead snake could be.

When he tried to dispose of the snake, the snake’s head bit him, pumping all the venom it had into him, Sutcliffe said.

The man, who was not named, began having seizures, experienced internal bleeding and lost his vision.

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Sutcliffe, who called 911, was trying to drive her husband to the hospital, but his condition was so serious authorities had to fly him in for care.

She said hospital officials told her he might not survive, even though he received 26 doses of antivenom. She said people normally get four doses.

But he's getting better. He’s currently in stable condition.

The USDA recommends that people who come across rattlesnakes allow them to retreat, as the venomous snakes only strike when threatened or provoked.