Davio is indeed 'shaking tables'  when it comes to romantic relationships. He might just be giving women ideas men would not like.

First he buys her a Porsche worth between 33 to 45 million Naira, then he drops a song and a video titled 'Assurance' for his girlfriend, Chioma.

Comedian AY in response took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, and jokingly dropped jabs at Davido for buying such an expensive car for a girlfriend.

He says he is going to block his wife from seeing the video, where he gave Chioma her new 'toy'.

During her 23rd birthday party, the singer disclosed that he plans to marry Chioma.

He stated to guests that she loves his daughters and welcomes everybody around him openly.

A number of Nigerians on Twitter feel Davido's 'gift' will make a lot of women question their relationships.

Boyfriends and husbands might have a reason to be worried.

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