Davido is a giver. That is a known fact, but now we know that his heart of gold runs in the blood.

The inmates at the medium security prisons at Ilesha and Ile Ife in Osun state have had cause to smile after a rare visit by Davido’s father, Dr. Deji Adeleke who is one of Nigeria’s richest men.

When Baba Olowo visits, there is expected to be a rain of goodies and he did not disappoint.

He did this under the canopy of his non-governmental organisation, Springtime Development Foundation.

At the Ilesha prisons, 700 pieces of mattresses and pillows were given to the inmates while huge sums were also paid in respect of over 200 inmates who were sentenced with options of fine but were unable to pay their fine.

At the Ile Ife prisons, another set of 300 mattresses and pillows were given with sums of money also paid to offset the hospital bills of the inmates.

At the end of the tour, he appealed to the Federal Government on the need to be more conscious about the general well-being of inmates serving jail terms across the nation's prisons.

Dr. Adeleke, who was represented by his vice, Banji Adesuyi, revealed that he would not have known how bad things were in the prisons if he had not gone to visit an embattled chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Diekola Oyedele, who was detained at the Ilesha prisons.

That was when he became aware that inmates of the prison were sleeping on the bare floor – the kind of hardship that can only make them more hardened in crime.

The foundation then hinted on its plans to empower the inmates so that by the time they serve their jail terms they would be rehabilitated and gainfully employed.

If it took the locking up of a politician for the Osun prisons to get this kind of attention, then, the moral of this story is that more Nigerian politicians need to go to jail!

There is enough space in Agodi prison in Ibadan and we are waiting to tell the story of its renovation!

The Ede-born businessman, Dr. Deji Adeleke is the brother of late Governor of Osun state, Isiaka Adeleke.