The internet has brought with it a green pasture of opportunities and it is for everyone who can do things differently.

Nigerian music sensation, Davido appears to be one great business man that Nigerians are beginning to pay attention to. If no one is doing that already, Bounce News is.

The world of business is ruled by strategies and excellent execution, and the one with the winning combination gives the others something to pursue.

Davido is going ahead of his peers in the music industry. Is it a function of his background? Maybe.

When one is born into a family of affluence, the mind becomes accustomed to enhanced opportunities and the lines between 'impossible' and 'possible' start to blur.

There is something to always learn from circumstances, except one wants to confuse oneself with the conclusion that it just happened and had nothing at all behind it.

When Davido gave his girlfriend, Chioma a Porsche car gift reportedly worth 45 million Naira, Nigerians were jerked up, forced to give thought to the girl who many really wonder what had happened between her and her lover to deserve that kind of gift on a birthday.

Now events are proving that every action comes with a reason behind it. 

STRATEGY, that was what happened and here are four lessons business owners in this age can learn from Davido’s ASSURANCE to Chioma.  

Strategy 1: Time Your Push For Attention Well

Davido had put up a song entitled  ASSURANCE and dedicated it to his lover, Chioma. The video hit YouTube on May 1, Workers’ Day, and one thing he believes and says all the time is that he works hard.

Now the goal of every artiste is to make sure their songs get as much airplay as possible, and the videos get as many hits.

Davido business strategies business owners should

So what could break the internet and make this video gather views? He must have thought and then the solution was possibly found in an expensive birthday gift to Chioma, the kind that no one had done. 

It was what he needed and like a joker in the card game, it worked magic.

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The song is now approaching 4 million views in less than two weeks. So not only had Davido become #boyfriendgoals with his highly generous gift, his song and by extension, career, was getting all the attention which is always a good thing for someone in show-business, or any business for that matter.

As a business, you must always study the market and circumstances around you and know how to spin things around in favour of your business - whether you're launching a new product or scaling up your business.

Strategy 2. When The Iron Is Hot, Hit It

No one ever saw it coming that Chioma was gunning for a deal - ''The Chef Chi Show”.

Now the deal is sealed and Davido had made a demand for an upwards of 100 million Naira for that deal. 

Davido business strategies business owners should

Let's create a scenario here - Chioma loves her kitchen and has always wanted a cooking show so she shares this desire with her partner, Davido. Davido buys the idea but as an omo baba lowo, he has a bare minimum he can settle for in any deal. Knowing Chioma may not be able to command that kind of bargaining power on her own, he sets a plan in motion. Gift her a wildly expensive vehicle which will not only draw attention but also raise the bar for her, then go into negotiation with an upper hand.

As a business sometimes, you will have to spend (within your means now, we're not saying go buy a Porsche) money to position yourself right. Whether it's with PR/ads, a killer wardrobe or even on a trip to certain places where business prospects are. You just need to be strategic about your moves and once you get the attention, strike while its hot.

Strategy 3: How The Internet Helps Your Hype

While some chat away their time with friends and just waste data on things that do not benefit them, the business man, Davido, knew that all he needed was to put that video of the car gift online and the whole Nigeria will go 'gaga'.

What happened after that video hit social networks is a story that all of us now know.

Waste no money paying for data when you are not using it to generate more money and pay your bills. The young musician knows the power of the internet and he is using it to his advantage.

Again, he has announced that he has a private jet and the cost of inviting him for a show must have reached a premium now.

Think of a way to make people talk about you and somehow you will make money if you can convert the accolades to your cash cow.

Create a hype, a stunt, just do something.

Strategy 4: Quickly Follow With Other Things Lined Up

After the ASSURANCE gift for more than one week now, Chioma is still trending and many people are already waiting for her cooking show. Some even wish they could swap positions with her.

Davido buys private jet

Now after the gift, other things have followed - the deal with Infinix and now a private jet - and who knows, the jet purchase may not even be the climax of this business strategy's effect.

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Do your bit and leave the rest for Nigerians to talk about you, then line up projects that will follow once you get the hype you'd have worked so hard to get.

The over 190 million population talk is not something to throw away. Use it.