President Muhammadu Buhari back and Daura, his hometown in Katsina State, is in jubilation mood.

The government had issued a statement announcing the return of the President that left Nigeria for London for medical checkup on May 7.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that those interviewed on Saturday expressed gratitude to God for the President's recovery and return to Nigeria.

Salisu Haro, a civil servant, said the President’s return represents a ray of hope for the nation and prayed that Nigerians would support him deliver quality leadership.

He commended the media for keeping Nigerians abreast of Buhari’s condition throughout his stay in London, adding that objective journalism would help to accelerate national development.

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Abdumanaf Daura is APC Northwest Organising Secretary and he described the report as encouraging.

"It has put all those spreading rumours of Buhari’s incapacitation and death to shame," he said.

He berated those he called unpatriotic elements using the president’s ill health for politics and spread of baseless rumours, saying they should atone for their sins.

The politician thanked Nigerians for their resilience, prayers and understanding during the trying moments of the nation, stressing that Buhari was back into the country for good.

Nura Usman, a civil servant, expressed the hope that Buhari would continue with his reform agenda.

“We are solidly behind his crusade on corruption, insurgency and every other evil that derailed the progress of this nation.

“We have been praying for his well being and God has answered our prayers,” Usman said.

Alhaji Nura Habu, a local farmer, said the residents would organise prayers to celebrate the return of Buhari.

Some south-east indigenes have continued to agitate for the State of Biafra but Emeka Mr Chukwu Emeka, a trader, danced on hearing the news, saying he had prayed fervently for the president’s recovery and return.

Emeka, who has lived in Daura for over 20 years with his family, said God had put to shame those wishing to see the president dead.

Malam Musa Zango, an Imam, attributed the return of the president to God, “because of Buhari’s good intention to the nation.”

He pledged that the residents would organise special prayers to thank God and protect the President from all evil machinations as he as he steers the affairs of the nation.