Having a crush on someone is a normal part of life and it is not restricted to teenagers only. Adults can also find themselves having a crush on someone who may not even notice at all.

So how do you get that person who gives you the ‘butterflies-in-my-belly-feeling’ to know you actually exist? Well, we’ve got 3 simple ways to help you achieve that.

Don't be shy about initiating conversation

1. Get his attention

The first thing you want to do is to get your crush to notice you in a positive way. If he’s someone you come across every day, ensure he sees you in your element always – you need to appear to be happy, friendly and approachable. This doesn’t mean faking it, but let him genuinely see you as a pleasant person whom he can be friends with if he wants. So always be on your best behaviour when you’re around him.

2. Start a conversation

It’s not enough to be giving off good vibes without making any moves. Try initiating a conversation with your crush during one of your ‘chance meetings’. A comment (not necessarily a compliment) about what he’s wearing can lead into a full blown discussion. Keep your tone light and chatty, and try not to blab. If you always feel tongue-tied when you are near him, then you can enlist the help of a trusted friend to help you start a conversation with him and invite you to join in.

3. Create some chemistry

So you and your crush are now gist buddies, but that isn’t all you want, is it? Drop subtle hints about your being single and available, and make suggestive comments about how you don’t mind dating someone who’s just like him. You don’t need to spell it out for him, just use body language to let him know that you’re totally digging him and let him follow up on that. In the end, once he starts liking you back, he’d think it was his idea all along.