If you don’t already know, the ‘walk of shame’ happens when a person has to literally walk past strangers all alone due to an embarrassing situation before finally reaching a place of safety. 

Most times, this applies to a lady leaving a guy’s place after sex and having to pass by his nosy and judgmental neighbours or friends as she heads home.

Like many other sexually related slangs, this one is particularly coined to humiliate women who have the guts to have a tryst with a man who isn’t necessarily her boyfriend. You know, like a one-night stand.

We don’t see men doing a walk of shame after shagging a random babe they picked up at a club. Instead, he is celebrated and treated like a legend by his peers as his body count increases. This is just one more misogynist point of view that the world can do without.

Just a few days ago, an old viral video resurfaced online showing male students in a university’s boys hostel booing and slut shaming a girl who spent the night with one of them, as she left the hostel.
Almost a hundred guys or so came out of their dormitories, chanting “Ashawo!” as the poor girl hurried out of the hostel. The video was not only cruel but also displayed the cave mentality of these young men.

How is the girl an ashawo for sleeping with one guy? Did she sleep with all of them and demand money in return? And where was the guy she had sex with? Why didn’t he come out to defend her?

The saddest part was the reaction this video got on Twitter. Some grown men actually found it hilarious and were retweeting it with the LOL emojis. That goes to show the kind of immature mindsets some Nigerian men still have.

Why is it okay to shame a woman for having sex with a guy but the guy in question gets a pat on the back? It makes no sense. The so-called ‘walk of shame’ makes no sense. After shaming the woman, what next? 

We need to do better. Parents need to teach their sons to be real gentlemen and not touts. Let’s invest the same energy we use in training girls to also train boys to be sensible human beings.

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