Nigerian guys have been praised by many for being ballsy enough to approach even the fiercest looking ladies with facial expressions that scream, “Don’t even come close.”

As much as they’ve been successful in breaking down women’s invincible barriers with quirky humour, smooth talks and a straightforward approach, a lot of their pickup lines have grown stale and irrelevant.

There are a few pickup lines that need to be retired

The lines are literally recycled and have been used over and over again in the past couple of decades, such that they now sound like broken records.

Let’s talk about 7 of these often repeated and worn-out “toasting” openers and what women actually think when you say them.

1. “You look familiar”

No, I don’t! We both know we haven’t met before, so why do you need to pretend we’ve met before just so you can start a conversation with me? Just go straight to the point and stop being cheesy abeg.

2. “My name is XYZ, what’s yours?”

Just like that? How about telling me something about you first to know if I’d be interested in carrying on a chat with you before asking for my name. Walking up to me and telling me your name (or what you want me to believe is your name) isn’t enough reason for me to tell you mine. 

Guys, it's time to get creative with those pickup lines

3. “Can I know you better?”

How na? It takes a lifetime to know someone better, so how am I supposed to respond to this question since I’ve only just met you a few seconds ago? Try again.

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4. “You look like my ex”

This is the worst! Maybe this is meant to be some sort of compliment, but to a woman, it’s an insult. Never compare one lady to another – women don’t take that sh*t lightly. 

5. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen”

Bullshit! Please cut to the chase and just say your piece. This is like the lamest pickup line ever.

6. “Wow, you really look like [insert female movie star name]. You could be her twin!”

*Sighs* Again, this is a no-no. Check number 4 above if you don’t understand.

7. “You look sexy in that dress”

So? I don’t even know you. Move along dude, I am not the one.

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