A dark skin Nigerian mode named Debbie has called out Tripple MG singer, Tekno.

She accused the 'Pana' singer for rejecting to use her for a music video because of her complexion.

The model expressed her grievances on Instagram, describing her encounter with the singer as the “worst experience” she has ever had.

Debbie said that the “Duro” singer rejected her and picked a light skin model to do the close up shots with him.

She, however, acknowledged Wizkid as one of the artistes she looks up to because, he does not discriminate with skin colour.

“Tekno refused to use me as the main model for his #yourlovethevideo shoot cause I’m dark skin. Later he settled for me doing the full shots so a light skin model can do the close up shots with him.

“But I walked out on him and his set. Dark skin women are beautiful and precious, we don’t settle for less and we don’t get to be an option, we are the option." she said.
Tekno is yet to respond to her accusations.

See what she said below: