The kidnap of 105 female students of Government Girls Science Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe state, was Chibok all over again.

As it was in April 2014 so it is in February 2018. The President has changed, the service chiefs have changed and the crime scene has changed — but the details are so alike.

The blunders committed by the Muhammadu Buhari led federal government are so similar to those committed when Goodluck Jonathan was President.

Here are the three unforgivable blunders so far committed by the federal government since the girls were kidnapped.

1. How did the government allow 105 schoolgirls get kidnapped again

This was supposed to be the government of “never again.

We have a President whose entire campaign in 2015 was anchored on tackling insecurity, corruption and the economy.

Almost three years later, the country seems to be stuck in the same spot on some of these issues or retrogressed altogether.

2. The lie that the some of the girls had been released

The authorities initially insisted that the missing girls were just hiding before claiming on Wednesday that Nigeria’s “gallant armed forces” had rescued them and had them under their protection.

They later admitted that the claim was based on information that was “not credible” and had been provided by “one of the security agencies involved in the fight against Boko Haram”. The government now says that 110 girls are missing.

3.  Government's claim that the kidnap was carried out to embarrass the Buhari administration

It is hard to make up the kind of insensitive comments that Nigerian officials make in time of grief. Lai Mohammed, the minister of information, was one of three ministers sent to Dapchi after the attack.

 Lai mohammed

Mohammed used to be spokesman of the opposition, and in that role he was frequently up in arms against the then ruling government over its insensitive response to the Chibok girls kidnap.

Now in the hot seat, Mohammed failed his own test.

Speaking to journalists after his visit, Mohammed said, “we must understand that these are the dying days of Boko Haram and what they intend to do is to embarrass the government because they have been degraded, they have been pushed out of Sambisa forest. They have been starved out of oxygen and the oxygen they feed on is publicity so that they can grab the world’s attention.”


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