The circumstances surrounding the return of Dapchi schoolgirls by their abductors, Boko Haram, and the different reactions that have trailed the development is taking a new dimension.

This time, it is coming from the ruling party itself.

One political party that has raised concerns on the Dapchi girls’ return is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and it claimed the abduction and return of the girls were stage-managed.

But the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has condemned the PDP for its comments about the return of the Dapchi girls.

Reacting to the comment by the PDP, the spokesman for the government, Mr Lai Mohammed, suggested that “there should be a new criterion for withdrawing the registration of a party like the PDP which has failed both as a ruling and an opposition party".

While addressing reporters on Sunday in Lagos, the Minister of Information and Culture said: "You are not unaware of the reaction of the naysayers - the main opposition PDP in particular - to the release of the Dapchi girls.


"What called for non-partisan celebrations was rather thoughtlessly turned into politics, bad, despicable politics that has no place in any democracy.

"At times of national tragedies, countries unite. This is the norm everywhere".

In what he called his reaction to the comments of the opposition party on the issue, he claimed that "the PDP has been playing with the Dapchi girls, by quoting the statement of the President when he received the Dapchi girls last Friday.

''May I also warn against those elements who have chosen to make political fortune of our citizens’ misfortune.

"Government would not tolerate any attempt by any person or group to trivialise or politicise security issues for politically motivated ends.

"Accordingly, security agencies would not hesitate to decisively deal with such unscrupulous characters.

"Those are very clear words that need no elaboration".

Indicting PDP

Mr Mohammed further indicted the PDP over the abduction of the girls.

"Perhaps we should ask the PDP what indeed the party knows about the abduction of the Dapchi girls, going by its statement that their abduction and release were stage-managed.

"The party made itself a laughing stock within and outside Nigeria with that statement. “Don't they know that our international friends are involved in the process that led to the release of the girls?

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"Indeed, there should be a new criterion for withdrawing the registration of a party like the PDP which has failed both as a ruling and an opposition party!

"If a party cannot rule and cannot be in opposition, what else can it do?" the Minister further questioned.