The wave of criticisms directed at the Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung seems to be finally getting at him and also unsettling his nerves.

Dalung has consistently been hammered by aggrieved candidates from the recently conducted Sports Federations Elections which was seen in some quarters as unfair and biased.

Now seemingly fed up with what he terms a smear campaign against the Ministry, Dalung has threatened that he would consider the option of engaging the Legal Department of the Ministry to file legal proceedings against individuals or group of people ‘fomenting trouble’.

The minster also debunked claims by National Association of Women In Sports, NAWIS representative on the Board of the Athletic Federation of Nigeria, Rosa Collins that she was robbed of her presidential mandate describing it as falsehood and a ploy to mask her inability to emerge as president of the federation.

"I do not wish to join issues with aggrieved persons over their defeat in the just concluded National Sports Federations elections, but I need to clear the air on some presumed falsehood about decisions taken by the Appeals Committee.

"The Appeals Committee entertained petitions from aggrieved persons after the elections and took decisions based on the facts available to them."

Barrister Dalung explained that in view of additional information provided by those affected by committee’s decisions which showed clear evidence that the Appeals Committee was misguided, some decisions were upheld while others were dismissed.

For many, the last certainly has not being heard as it concerns the Sport Federations polls.