The Nigerian Customs just saved Nigeria one bad case of smuggling and theft.

Apparently, some unscrupulous Nigerian businessmen had stolen, well suspected to be stolen, two Range Rover SUVs and managed to ship them to Tin-Can Island port in Lagos.

But the Customs had been tipped off by the powerful International Police Organisation, INTERPOL, and they looked out for it. So, when the ship berthed, they tracked the container carrying the jeeps and seized it.

To deceive the authorities, the importer had loaded the vehicles in a 40ft container from Washington D.C in the U.S. and declared it as Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet Cruiz with some bicycles.

Unfortunately, customs used intelligence report made available to them by INTERPOL and placed all consignments from the U.S. on high surveillance to ensure that the suspected container was tracked.

“The vessel was monitored from the port of loading to Tin-Can Island Port and intercepted on arrival. The vehicles are a gold-coloured Range Rover SUV 2014 with Chassis No. SALGS2VFGEA126188 and another black coloured Range Rover SUV 2015 with Chassis No SALGS37FOFA239330,’’ said Comptroller Bashar Yusuf whose Tin-Can Island port command made the interception.

Yusuf said that the interception would portray the country in good light, considering the efforts of the service in ensuring that the exhibits were tracked.

So, next time you want to do importation business, be smarter and play by the rules.