Jose Mourinho has, in the past, referred to Arsene Wenger as a “voyeur” for constantly talking about Chelsea – and the two had a shoving match in the Stamford Bridge technical area in October 2014.

This was just when Mourinho arrived England and Arsenal had just won the Premier League without losing a game.

Then came the famous “specialist in failure” tag that Arsenal fans and Wenger too are yet to recover from.

Apparently, these two men have never been best of friends and it was only natural for one to seek the Portuguese’s reaction to Wenger’s announcement of his exit.

But the Manchester United manager interestingly said that he hopes Arsene Wenger does not retire from football! So we couldn't help but wonder, is this a case of good customer?

FINALLY: Wenger Is Leaving Arsenal

“If he's happy I'm happy, if he's sad, I'm sad.

"I always wish the best for my opponents, I always wish the best, so for me that's the point, if he's happy with the decision he makes and looks forward to the next chapter of his career and his life I'm really happy for him.

"If he's sad, I'm sad. I'm pretty sure we as a club and especially because Mr Wenger and Arsenal were for many many years the biggest rivals of Sir Alex's era, I'm pretty sure that we as a club will show Mr Wenger the respect he deserves.

"I hope he doesn't retire from football.”


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