"See person pikin for dustbin o!" screamed a boy as he ran across the road still screaming.

He had seen how debased humans have made another being and he could not contain it.

When passers-by heard the scream, they shifted attention to the dustbin at Okutukutu Primary School that the boy was pointing at and found a new born baby. 

Gradually, more and more people gathered to get a glimpse of the eyesore at the dustbin in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State’s capital.

The incident, which took place over the weekend, caused commotion in the area.

The weather was cool, as it had rained heavily on Friday night.

According to the Environmental Sanitation rules in the state, residents are expected to dispose their refuse at the dump site between 5:p.m. to 7: a.m., daily.

The dead male infant was, however, discovered by the boy who had gone to dispose refuse at the site on Saturday morning.

An eyewitness, Tarimobowei Angela, told Bounce News that, she stood by the waste bin waiting for a taxi when a young boy suddenly threw away his refuse bag and screamed: "See person pikin for dustbin o!" and fled across the road.

Angela explained that as the boy ran, she and some passers-by summoned courage and walked closer to the dump site.

"What I saw broke my heart.

"The fair baby boy was already dead.

Baby found in waste dumpsite in Bayelsa

Considering an open wound on his head, she continued: "Maybe he died during delivery or was killed by the heavy rain last night."

"He was just a baby and does not deserve to be thrown away whether dead or alive," she emphasised.

By 9:18 a.m., a large crowd of sympathisers had gathered.

They hissed, cursed and blamed the unknown mother for killing her own son.

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Mr Francis Tukosisei narrated how a baby girl was found alive at the same dump site 3 years ago.

"Her mother abandoned her with a written note which stated that she should be named 'promise'.

He said that a pastor's wife took the baby to the police station and thereafter, adopted her.

"Our Ijaw girls follow men the same way bees cling to honey but, won't take responsibility afterwards.

" If there is anything like reincarnation, may he be loved and cherished in his new home," he prayed.

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