This is one question that many Nigerians are asking, especially those who are not fans of the man who promised to belong to everyone.

Should that photo of him having a modest feast with some select APC governors be taken seriously?

Especially when another governor, albeit opposition, has once claimed the President is on life support.

That question was thrown at his spokesperson, Femi Adesina by Channels TV on Monday during their breakfast show.

The anchor wondered why the President did not consider a video recording to address Nigerians since he is 'now well enough' to host his associates.

"Well…it is a matter of personal style, there is no style that you can call ‘the style’. You know style is idiosyncratic – it changes from person to person.

"The style of our president is what you have seen on display and by now – two years after he came, I am sure that we should understand him.

"We should know the kind of person he is, we should know how he prefers to do things and that is the way the president is," he added.

Next question you would want to ask; is this just about Buhari or the feelings of Nigerians too? Valid question, and this is what Mr Adesina had to say:

"That just tells you that is the way our President is and we are the ones who elected him willingly. So, take him the way he is." Really?

On what the President discussed with the APC governors, Governor Okorocha said the President wants Nigerians to stop worrying, because he would be back soon.

"By our visit to London today, the merchants of lies have been put out of business and Nigerians will not buy the garbage they have been selling. All those who look up to fake news can find better use for their time," Governor Okorocha noted.

He added that from the discussions it was clear that the President followed developments at home very closely.

Among the delegation were Governors Umaru Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa; Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna; Yahaya Bello of Kogi; and APC National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun.