'They have taken away my last hope and my only source of joy', Roseline cried. She was heart broken and shattered from inside.

According to the mother of one of the victims Roseline Igunwe, her son was killed after he returned from his poultry farm.

She said she heard gunshots and ran out to lock her gate when a boy told her that it was her son that was hit by the bullet.

The father of the victim was said to have died last month and is yet to be buried.

Two of the victims were said to have been killed at Iguosa community while the third was killed at Iduowina while taking his bath.

An eyewitness, identified as Ogbeide, who gave the account of the killing at Iduowina, said the victim was in the bathroom when six gunmen stormed the building and chased him out.

He said the victim was shot twice until the attackers caught up with him and used an axe to hack him down.