All Tobi Adegoke wanted to do was blow like Davido or Wizkid.

Someone convinced him that if he joined the Black Axe cult, his dreams of becoming a music superstar will come true.

At the moment he has neither fame nor fortune, and never even got the opportunity to meet Davido, except there's an unknown prison inmate with the same alias.

Tobi, aged 25, was among 27 suspected cultists arrested from various parts of Lagos and paraded by Police Commissioner, Imohimi Edgal.

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The young man, who is an upcoming music artiste must have shared his dreams of becoming a star, when he was told that joining the cult will allow him to meet Davido, and this would help his (yet to begin) career.

 “I am an Aiye member (Black Axe). I have been in the cult for about two years. I was told that Davido was a member and if I joined, I will be able to meet him.

 “It was the guy who initiated me that said so. He said he worked for Davido and that it will be easy access. But since I joined, I have not met Davido. They told me I’ll become a very popular musician but see where I am now.

“I lived at Oniru in Lekki. I used to be a domestic help. Since I joined, I have not done anything bad. I have not killed anybody. I just wanted to be a famous musician.” He explained.

Tobi says he regrets not being able to wait before he 'blows'.

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