Help me! Help me! help Me!," he continued to shout, as the men with machete close up on him. He is running to save his life. 

He was losing energy and his legs were failing him. Like a drowning man in a river he tried to grab help from anywhere, but his fate was all he had to depend on. 

It was his time to die, and the reprisal attack has caught up with him alone without his gang members. Was he an innocent person? Only God knows.

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His race ended when the first machete cut hit his head. Blood gushed out, as he fell to the floor, one of the eye witnesses of the murder of a young Bayelsa man told Bounce News. 

Bayelsa cult war and killing
The body of Godswill lying in the market area after he was attacked

Renewed cult war in Bayelsa is claiming youths in their numbers and in two days, three are already dead. All of them killed by the knife. 

It is a clash for supremacy between the Icelanders and Greenlandic and Bobos secret cult groups. 

Swali Main Market in Yeadon, Bayelsa State, has become a location their fight climaxes in killing. Two have been killed in the spot. 

The first killing occurred at the spot on Wednesday.

Three of them in their late 20s were brutally murdered with a machete while another simply identified as Godswill, was murdered at Swali slaughter by 9:a.m on Friday morning.

Bayelsa cult war and killing

The cult members appear to be having no much trouble in carrying out their attacks, as security operatives are less aware of how their activities and killing occur. 

They do not kill with the gun, but just machete and this has a way of ensuring that they do not draw attention of security personnel.  

After the last victim was killed on Friday, men of the Nigerian Police, from the Force headquarters along Diete-Spiff Road arrived at the scene of the crime and took the nearly dead youth away. 

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Bounce News visited the police station to know if any arrests have been made since the attack and counter-attack started, but no officials was willing to speak on the matter.  

Most of the traders at the market are worried that their life is in danger, calling on security operatives up their patrol to reduce the killings. 

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