Cult rivalry war has continued in Bayelsa State despite the re-lunch of the Doo Akpo security outfit. 

A day before the House of Assembly election in the southern Nigeria state, the conflict that occured on Friday forced traders in Swali Market to run for their dear lives.

Swali is the biggest main market in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital and it is located between Ovom, Agbura and the riverine communities.

The market opens by 7:00 a.m and closes by 6: p.m daily.

Swali usually has its big day every Thursday.

Traders and their customers come from neighbouring communities to buy and sell which makes prices of commodities affordable.

On this fateful day, impatient commercial drivers barred their horns, as they conveyed traders, customers and their goods to and fro the vicinity.

By 11:16 a.m., the situation around the market changed. People were seen running from Oil Mill Road towards the market while shouting: "Make una run o"! (run for your lives).

Vehicles speed past and those who could not drive, abandoned their cars and fled.

Confusion set in, as everyone look for safety. Those who could not run hid under tables.

The sight of young boys with blood stained machetes revealed that all was not well.

The boys numbering 16, ran into the market towards the abattoir and disappeared afterwards.

Few minutes later, normalcy returned to the area, but the trouble did not end there. 

By 5: 42 p.m., while business owners close up for the day, sounds of gunshots were heard.

This time, people ran out of the market, as the boys reappeared.

swali market cult war

The activities of the cultists caused traffic jam on the road

A butcher, Mr Angi Maxwell told Bounce News that a young boy was killed behind St. Peter's Church located at Obele, in the morning.

"Cultists killed their rival in the morning.

"Another boy has just been shot now."

Mr Maxwell expressed worry that killing inside the market always occur at the abattoir.

"There will be more deaths after the election," he revealed.

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A police officer, who simply identified himself as Sir P, explained that armed robbery during the fight was the reason people fled the area.

"The fight is between Greenlander and Icelander cult groups and they rarely target someone else.

"One of them was killed during a fight in the morning so his group came to avenge him.

He raised the nuzzle of his gun to the sky and said: "I wish we had order to wipe the bastards out".

 Meanwhile, a hairdresser, Mamah Agnes said she ran into the market to avoid being robbed.

"Sometimes, they kill their target before robbing us.

"They can't come inside the market like this without stealing.

"If you ask well, you will see people that were robbed today," she concluded.

The police spokesman in the state could not be reached to confirm the deaths.

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