Social Welfare Officers in Lagos State are trying to trace the mother of a newborn baby who was abandoned in a government hospital in the state.

A newborn baby girl, who was born prematurely, was abandoned by her mother at the nursery of the Isolo General Hospital on January 24.

The baby was born barely weighing less than a kilogram.

Bounce News gathered that the mother of the premature baby, Mary Ugabi came to the hospital to give birth on January 19.

She delivered a day later. While the mother stayed in the labour ward, her baby was placed in the nursery due to health issues.

When the mother was moved from the labour ward to the neonatal unit to be closer to her baby, she disappeared three days later.

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Her disappearance came to light when one of the nurses on duty on that day realised that the woman went missing from neonatal unit .

Attempts to reach her have not be successful as the phone number she dropped was no longer reachable.

The home address she also gave while registering at the hospital was fake.

When social welfare officers visited the address at 21 Okokomiako, Ojo, they were told that nobody with that identity and description lived there.

The baby boy is currently being taken care of by the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

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