Cristiano Ronaldo has a "secret weapon" that leaves him feeling confident.

It is his newly launched fragrance CR7.

Ronaldo said the cosmetic product is his "secret weapon" because a spray of the cologne every morning instantly fills him with confidence.

Speaking at the global launch event of his fragrance, the 32-year-old professional footballer said: "It's my secret weapon. I start my day with CR7 fragrance and it gives me the confidence to live each day to the full.

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"Wherever I go, CR7 is always in my bag so I can freshen up on-the-go and ensure that I always feel my best."

This was the inspiration – he wanted to make an item that is "easy" to wear and represents him.

He explained: "Smelling good makes me feel good and I wanted to create something that's easy enough to wear every day.

"I wanted every aspect of the fragrance to really represent me, from the bottle to the packaging to the campaign, and red is my lucky colour- it's bold, confident, dynamic and memorable."

The Portuguese star has also launched a campaign film titled 'My Fragrance, Your Game', in which Cristiano reveals he wants CR7 to "inspire" his fans to follow their dreams.

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