Imagine being convicted of a crime and the convict’s first reaction is to commit the crime again right in the presence of the judge.

This was how a man in Ohio threw all his chances of an appeal out the window after he was sentenced to 47 years in prison.

David Chislton was in a Cleveland courtroom for a sentencing hearing that involved nearly two dozen charges, including assaulting his girlfriend and setting fire to a Warrensville Heights apartment building in 2017, according to WKYC TV.

Obviously angry, he immediately sucker-punched his lawyer, Aaron Brockler, who was just about to tell Chislton he would see what options he might still have.

Courtroom security pounced on Chislton and subdued him.

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Asides losing a case, Brockler suffered various facial injuries as well as a possible concussion, according to Cleveland station WEWS.

“It was pretty fun,” Brockler, who had a small cut on his face, joked to

“I turned to him because I was about to tell him that I will come and meet with him privately to see if there was anything we could do to reduce the sentence,” Brockler told WKYC.

“But before I could even open my mouth, I just heard a swoosh sound. All I remember is waking up on the floor underneath the table.”

Authorities are in the process of filing additional charges against Chislton, according to WEWS.  

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