"Suffer not a witch to live", says the holy book but not the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

Five persons will die by hanging for killing an old woman whom they claimed is a witch.

The convicts had accused the deceased of being behind some mysterious happenings at Kwogu village in Riyom local government area of Plateau State.

The victim, Mama Lyop Badung was beaten to death, while the girl who was said to have died of witchcraft was Rachael Yohann.

The accused persons were sentenced on two count charges of criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide.

The convicted suspects are Yohanna Davou, John Davou, Pam Davou, Pam Dalyop and one unidentified person.

Justice Christine Dabup of the Plateau State High Court 7 on Tuesday said the witnesses called to testify in the case did not contradict themselves in their evidence.

The court also said the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt, while the police did not fail in their responsibility.

Having listened to the counsels of all the parties, with their final written addresses adopted, Justice Christine Dabup, sentenced the accused persons to death by hanging without any option.

An Eye For An Eye.