A woman dating a guy who is several years younger than she is isn’t a big deal anymore these days – as long as the young man in question is of legal age. Although, it doesn’t have to be a sugar mummy kind of arrangement, but it isn’t a weird thing anymore.

It’s like having two extremes coming together to form one unique combination, and like every other (age appropriate) relationship, this type also has its ups and downs too.
Pros of dating a younger guy

Let’s first begin by analyzing the good side of dating a young chap:

1. Younger guys make really good partners. They respect and look up to older women, and they will appreciate your life experience and also find so much joy in pleasing you emotionally, intellectually and physically. 

2. He’ll make you feel young again, especially since he comes from a different generation and he is still trying to attain the level that you have already attained in life. He finds your confidence and achievements attractive, and he’ll always try to stay on the right track just to impress you. 

3. The sex will always be lit! Remember he’s a young guy with loads of energy, so be rest assured that your bedroom activities will be fun-filled rumbles and tussles with new tricks popping up every now and then.

Cons of dating a younger guy

Now let’s talk about the not-so-awesome aspects of dating a younger man:

1. Depending on the age gap between you two, you may sometimes feel like he’s your son especially because of his inexperience regarding certain life issues. While you don’t want to mother him, it can still be a bit difficult to condone some of his youthful exuberance and occasional temper tantrums. Yikes!

2. Dating a younger man can sometimes be a power struggle because younger guys do have feelings of inferiority when they are with older, more successful women. From time to time, he might want to ‘be the man’ and make the decisions in your relationship regardless of your better judgment.

3. You may end up being the financier of his big dreams, especially if you make a lot more money than he does. So you just might be the breadwinner of the relationship for a while till his ship sails in. 

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