The Copyright Society of Nigerian (COSON) have taken Young Shall Grow Motors to court.

COSON has accused the transport company of using the materials of its members without paying the adequate royalties.

A Federal High Court in Lagos, on Thursday, fixed March 19 for continuation of trial of alleged copyright infringement by COSON against The Yong Shall Grow Motors. 

In its statement of claim, COSON argued that it entered into copyright licensing agreement with various transport services in Nigeria, for the communication to the public of musical works of its members with payment of required royalties.

It argued that the defendant had engaged in unlicensed public performance of musical works of its members in its buses, terminals and restaurants located within its facilities.

COSON said the transport company had, for several years, and up till the time of filling this suit, allowed the use of facilities at its various terminals and vehicles for unlicensed and unauthorized exhibition of musical works of its members.

Now the copyright body wants 85.8 million Naira paid to them as royalties for the period of 2014 to 2017, by the Young Shall Grow Motors.

The transport company have denied all allegations.