Bulgarian President, Rumen Radev, on Tuesday called for a total war againsy corruption at all levels of governance.

Radev, who is the head of the CCNS, said this after a meeting of the country’s Consultative Council on National Security (CCNS).

“Corruption damages the image of Bulgaria, taints the moral, discourages people, repels investors and undermines the future of the country.

“Therefore, the fight against corruption requires urgent, decisive, comprehensive and effective measures.

“CCNS members agreed that the results of the fight against high-level corruption were low due to imperfections in the legislation and in the institutional framework. “Because of the lack of a separate institution with clear powers and capacity to effectively fight corruption,” Radev said.

The president also said an agreement has been reached for the institutions responsible to focus on the detection, investigation and prosecution of defualters.

“The regulatory framework covering all aspects of the prevention, counteraction and fight against corruption should be improved and to cover corruption not only in the public but also in the private sector,” Radev said.

He, however, added that authorities responsible for preventing and counteracting corruption should be independent.

In January, the European Commission in its Cooperation and Verification Mechanism report said: “The overall institutional set-up to fight corruption in Bulgaria remains fragmented and therefore largely ineffective.”


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