Business owners and their customers in Bayelsa were startled by the sight of a corpse floating in a river along Oxbow Lake Pavilion.

It was the aftermath of what had happened a day before. 

At about 1:14 p.m. on Sunday, February 17th, a fight broke out between two rival cult groups, by Swali area in Yenagoa, the state's capital.

Prior to the time, the environment was calm, as some residents who were returning from Church stopped at the market to buy food items.

Suddenly, the sight of some half-naked young boys brandishing different sizes of cutlasses while chasing and swearing at each other, startled everyone.

Traders abandoned their goods as people ran in different directions for safety.

Those who refused to scamper, had no option when they saw some armed police officers, running.

Mother's abandoned their under-age children, food items littered the ground.

The fight between Iceland and Greenland cult groups extended towards the market waterside.

Victims from both groups, sustained brutal machete cuts on their bodies.

During that time, other members of the group at Obele were busy causing bodily arm to each other while those who had guns, shot into the air to scare their rivals.

People ran into their houses while vehicles seen along the road, drove on high speed.

A resident of Obele, Mr Stanley Shobo told Bounce News that in a bid to save the life of one cultist who was brutally macheted, his family members took him on a local boat to the shrine of a famous herbalist at lkolo community.

"Several consultation and attempts by the old man, who specialises in removing bullets, proved abortive.

"On their way back home, their boat coincidentally ran into a police patrol boat.

He revealed that the family quickly jumped into the river and escaped.

"They abandoned the lifeless body of their son and brother to avoid arrest.

"He was a terror and had clique while alive, see how abandoned he is now," he stressed.

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Meanwhile, Mrs Onoja Agboma confirmed that the deceased was a terrorist to Obele residents.

"He was not just a thief but also an informant and a hit-man.

"Their families always pretend as if they don't know the true identity of their sons.

"But God will always protect us and punish them," she prayed.

A police officer, who would not want his name mentioned, further stated that police officers do not have a right to shoot sometimes and as such, they run when these weapon wielding boys approach them.

"Our colleague that killed a bad boy at Tenacious Road last year is still in trouble.

"We try to be careful while discharging our duties," he concluded.

Shortly after the police patrol team anchored by Swali river, normalcy returned to the market.

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