Omoni Oboli has been in and out of the court recently over copyright issues.

The battle involves her and renowned novelist, Jude Idada. He accused Omoni of stealing his idea for the movie Okafor’s Law.

The actress and film maker in a recent interview addressed the matter which started in September last year. She says she cannot be friends with someone who takes her to court.

In March of this year, a Lagos High Court judge ordered the seizure of the movie, which hampered the premiere but did not stop it from showing in cinemas.

Omoni Oboli also revealed that she tried to settle the matter out of court to avoid the hassles that come with court proceedings.

“I tried to settle out of court not because I was guilty, but I just did not want the stress. At a point, I started to ask what everything was all about. Was it only about the movie? I began to ask myself if it was worth what I was going through because in the next five years, ‘Okafor’s Law’ would be one of the least movies that I would do.

 “I don’t hate the person that took me to court because I am not wired that way. When I see them in court, I say hello but I don’t know if we can ever be friends again. Right now, I am fine and I am in a good place.”

Jude Idada will most likely be more interested in who wins the court case and not the lost love.