Residents of Kawo community of Kaduna State may soon experience absolute peace, as a group targets an end to drug-influenced crimes. 

This community has had its fair share of the drug addiction issue in the northern part of Nigeria, with the peace of the residents scuttled by persons addicted to drug that have formed small cult groups and gangs. 

The Hayin Banki Yanshinkafa Youth Multipurpose Cooperative Society has come up with a strategy to reduce the use of hard drugs by youths of the community and it believes this will reduce crime too. 

It has started the rehabilitation of 50 drug addicts in the community which is located in the Kaduna North Local Government Area of the state.

According to the organisation, the rehabilitation will help reduce gang-related violence in the area which has become notorious in recent times.

A group - Sara -Suka and Yanshara gangs - recently proscribed by the state government has terrorised residents of the community and most of those getting rehabilitated are members of the group.

Shortly after the the cooperative society launched it's office at Hanyin Banki in Kawo, the president of the group, Umar Ilyasu Ahmed, said among the 50 persons targeted for the rehabilitation, were 20 persons that have vowed to shun hooliganism and drug addiction.

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He highlighted other strategies they group had adopted in addressing the issue of drug abuse in the commnity.

"One of the strategies we adopted was to pick the leaders of the bad gangs and we passed messages of hope for better future to them through the leaders.

"In fact the strategy is working maximally as they (the leaders) are even helping us to recover dangerous weapons from their peers.

"When we asked them what was their problem, the reason why they resorted to hooliganism, they lamented that they wished to continue their education, but poor background and non-support from parents and community have forced them to  become thugs," Ahmed said.

The group also took up the responsibility of funding the education of former addicts.

"We have been organising tutorials to let them know the importance of education to their future.

"We try to discourage them from allowing smoking and drug addiction prevent them from reaching the promised land.

"We gave them a good example that we have doctors, lawyers among us and that they too can become someone in life.

"There is still future in them and there is possibility for them to become valuable.

"Most of those tutored among them who wrote WAEC, NECO and passed, have been told to consider furthering their studies with the promise to assist them," he added.

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