Chelsea defeated Manchester United 1-0 at Stamford Bridge on Sunday to claim a hard-earn three points.

At the sound of the final whistle, manager Antonio Conte ran to the pitch to shake hands with his players and wave to excited fans.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, on the other hand, stood on the touchline to shake hands with other coaching staff of Chelsea.

For Conte, shaking hands with Mourinho is not important as the former Chelsea boss has not earned his respect.

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"It's not important. It's important to win the game. You have to have the respect on the pitch not outside the pitch," Conte said.

Mourinho said he did all he could but cannot force Conte to shake hands with him

"You don't want me to chase him into the middle of the pitch," he said.

"I shook hands with the people who are there (on the touchline). I think one of them was his brother, his assistant.

"I feel I did my duty. I cannot go to chase him. He doesn't have to wait. There is no problem with it at all. You are always worried with these things."

In Sunday’s encounter, Alvaro Morata's 55th minute header handed Mourinho a third successive defeat at Stamford Bridge.

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