Arms and more arms are coming into Nigeria illegally amidst insecurity issues and killings. 

Another cache of ammunition has been intercepted by officials of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) at the Tin Can Island in Lagos. 

The ammunition was discovered at two terminals on Monday and Tuesday, an official has said.

The Customs Area Controller of the command, Musa Abdullahi, said that about 150 rounds of  live ammunition were intercepted at Terminal ‘C’ (Ports and Cargo) while 28 pieces of various sizes of jack knives were found in a 1 x 40ft container No. TGHU 60143419.

"I directed the transfer of the suspicious container No. TGHU 60143419 to the Enforcement Unit where it was examined and found to contain 150 rounds of live ammunition and 28 pieces of various sizes of jack knives.

"These items contravene Schedule 4 Absolute Import Prohibition List item 17 of the Common External Tariffs and Section 46 of the Customs and Excise Management Act Cap C45 LFN 2004.

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"Meanwhile, the container, a suspect and the exhibit are currently being held at the Enforcement Station pending further investigation," he said.

Abdullahi also said the command on Tuesday at Five Star Logistic Terminal while vehicles were being discharged from a vessel, MV GLOVIS COURAGE Voyage NO. 036, discovered a black bag with one unpacked Ford Edge with Chassis No. 2FMDK48C98BA05947.

According to him, the bag contained 149 rounds of 38MM calibre live ammunition, 92 rounds of 9MM calibre live ammunition, two rounds 7.62 MM calibre and 11 cartridges of live ammunition.

The comptroller said other items found in the bag were 12 expended empty shells of various calibres and an empty magazine.

Both the vehicle and the exhibits are currently at the Enforcement Unit of the command pending further investigation, he added.

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