Social media was agog with #NotTooYoungToRun and #ConstitutionReview trending on Wednesday while the Senate decided on major areas of our existence.

The constitution amendment came tops on several bills brought before the red-chair lawmakers.

At the end of the day, the Not Too Young to Run Bill and the Independent candidacy bills were passed with Nigerians, especially the young celebrating on social media.

However, those cheering later realized that the initial bills may have been a bait to enable the lawmakers harvest support for other bills lined up.

Immunity for legislators for words spoken on the floor of the legislative chambers is one of them.

What does this even mean? Liberty to speak and not be held accountable?

A total of 97 out of the 109 senators were in attendance and they all participate in e-voting.

This is how they voted and be sure these decisions are more than just the figures you see, they could shape your future.

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