Whatever powers the Executive Arm of government has to make laws, will cease to exist the moment the president signs a bill that the Senate passed on Wednesday.

The lawmakers unanimously gave their approval to an amendment to the constitution that will strip the executive of law-making powers.

Voting for the amendment was done electronically and the Bill, which was number, 25 on the Removal of law making power from Executive Arm got ‘89 Yes, 3 No: and zero Abstain’.

It is not the final process in the amendment of the Act, as the approval by the Senate will need the signature of the President, who is the head of the Executive Arm to scale through.

It is not clear how the executive will take this amendment, but Nigerians are already reacting to the decision by the lawmakers.

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A few comments on Twitter trailing the tweet by the Senate that announced the approval of the stripping of the law-making power, showed mixed reactions.

I was right,You people want to take over power from The Executives, that's have been your plans all this while

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