People are already smiling to the banks.

The Nigerian government has made good its promise to give between 2.5% to 5% of any funds recovered through an information provided by a whistle blower.

Nothing goes for nothing and the government understands that.

This anti-corruption strategy has but in the pockets of those who have taken advantage of it 325 million Naira.

The Minister of Finance Mrs Kemi Adeosun gave the figure, which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) posted on Monday on its Twitter handle.

Several recovery have been made since the Federal Government on December 21, 2016 announced the policy, which is implemented by the Federal Ministry of Finance as the Whistle Blower Programme.

Going by the the figure provided by the EFCC, if that is 5% of the total funds recovered, the government has already recovered 6.5 billion Naira from individuals as a result of its whistle blower programme.

If the 325 million Naira was a proceed paid out to whistle blowers based on a 2.5% reward, the government has recovered 13, billion Naira.

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If the government has paid out 5% of every amount received, the government must have recovered or received at least 6.5 billion Naira from individuals since it made public the policy 6 months ago. 

The government has said it will fund part of the deficit in the budget with these recovered or returned monies.

But is that what Nigerians prefer?

If you are aspiring to join the anti-graft campaign and do Nigeria proud, you can blow a whistle without worries.


A Bill, which seeks to encourage and facilitate the disclosures of improper conduct by public officers and public bodies, has been passed by the Senate.
The Bill when approved by the President will ensure that persons who make disclosures and persons who may suffer reprisals in relation to such disclosures are protected under the law.

The Bill specifies who is qualified to make disclosure of improper conduct; the procedure for making disclosures and the protection due to ‘whistleblower.’

"Blow the Whistle and Prosper."

Graft has increased unemployment in Nigeria and has also adversely affected other sectors.

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