Abiodun was accused of burying a coffin and some other fetish items on his piece of land in a community in Ondo state.

After discovering what the pastor did on the land, the community asked him to remove the items, but he refused.

A source said, “The failure of the pastor to remove the fetish items on the land prompted the people of the community to take action against him.

“The Akapinsa of Ipinsaland, Oba Omoniyi Olufunmilayo, ordered that palm fronds should be placed in front of his house and the land, which traditionally means that the house has been sealed up until kabiyesi reverses the order.”

According to the source, the land and the house will remain sealed up until the pastor digs up and removes the items he buried in the land.

The pastor was said to have left the community and his whereabouts is unknown.

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