A desperate situation sometimes requires desperate actions.

When a community is abandoned with no electricity and businesses are shutting down, all forms of development are being destroyed, while no one seems to be listening, it is not out of place to seek supernatural solutions.

There was commotion on Tuesday as the Staff of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), Ijebu Ijesa office abandoned their duty posts.

This was after they sighted a generously prepared sacrifice containing some fetish objects prepared in a big black pot in front of their office.

Residents of the community resorted to carrying fetish sacrifice to protest the protracted blackout running to one year in the area.

Since the IBEDC management seemed to have turned themselves into gods, the residents felt the sacrifice would appease these gods but alas they were mere mortals, they took to their heels.

Asides spiritually shutting down the IBEDC office, hundreds of residents of Ijebu Ijesa in Oriade Local Government Area of Osun State guarded by security operatives trooped out to protest alleged insensitivity of the management of the power distribution company.

The protesters in a convoy of vehicles, motorcycles and other road transport means marched through the major streets.

The protesting community members armed with placards of various inscriptions chanted anti-IBEDC songs.

One of the community leaders, Venerable Julius Fatokun of Ijesa North Anglican Diocese, Ijebu-Ijesa explained their grouse.

“We started experiencing epileptic power supply sometimes in 2015 to early part of 2016 before it later became total blackout from August 2016 and we have since then remained in darkness.

“All efforts to get the electricity restored proved abortive. Even when the community took it upon itself to see whether they can facilitate repair to the damaged transformer to bring some succor, we couldn’t still have our ways due to logistic bottleneck from the IBEDC…

“We paid 600,000 naira to the contractor and up till today they have been dribbling us.

“The IBDEC later cut off our lights and restored light to some areas like Oba's palace, filling stations where they can generate more money."

The spokesperson for IBEDC in Osun State, Kikelomo Owoeye, urged the community to exercise patience and restraint.

She disclosed that the organization did not have transformers at the moment but they were treating their requests as several communities are making similar requests too.

Owoeye, however, expressed fear and concern for the IBEDC staff in the area saying violence might arise from the protest therefore endangering the lives of staff and property of the company.

On the issue of over one million naira allegedly spent by the community on repairs of transformer through Babajide Olore, IBEDC's undertaking Manager in Ijebu Ijesa, Mrs Owoeye said that the organization is not in any way involved in collecting money from clients.