Anyone who enjoys watching Emmanuella and Mark Angel on YouTube may not be pleased to hear this.

Baba De Baba has just called out Mark Angel, accusing him of stealing content from popular comedians to shoot his viral skits.

In a recent interview, Baba De Baba said,

“If you know Mark Angel tell him to stop using comedians jokes to shoot skits because the God that blessed him can also give him the brain to be original.

"I sent him a message on WhatsApp and he read and ignored, I called and he didn’t pick.

"All I told him is that he should delete the episode 100 from his YouTube account and also from his hard drive because it is my intellectual property”

He further accused Mark Angel of not having any remorse for stealing their ideas, and threatened him with strokes of the whip.

“I think he has not heard my story, let him go and ask comedians that used my jokes what I did to them, I dey use belt flog them for shows"