Last Prophet walked away from the car unscatched and grateful.

The comedian and OAP with Hit FM in Calabar,  narrowly escaped death in a serious car crash Wednesday night.

Reports have it that the comedian's car was hit by a speeding car which made the comedian swerve.

The impact caused his car to somersault 3 times, before landing upside down.

last prophet

 Narrating the near death experience, Last Prophet who welcomed a baby boy last month wrote:

“Hello friends. Thank God for me, my enemies almost died yesterday night at about 8:06pm. But I thank God I am fine, no scratches, no medical condition, me and 2 others in my car, we are fine.  

“Nobody can take a life I have handed over to God already, you can't kill a dead Man.  CAR GONE, BUT OUR LIVES ARE INTACT. The Good news is, I see a new and Better car Coming soon ENEMIES WATCH OUT”