Russia is angry, very angry at America.

This is because America’s special police has gone and searched the Russian embassy in America which has been ordered closed.

Now, Russia has demanded on Sunday that the US rethink its closure of the embassies.

It is now insisting that Washington is to blame for the bad relationship between the two countries due to the "hostile act".

"We consider what has happened as an openly hostile act and a gross violation of international law by Washington," the foreign ministry in Moscow said in a statement.

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"We call on the American authorities to come to their senses and immediately return the Russian diplomatic properties or all blame for the continuing degradation in our relations lies on the US," the statement added.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov for his part accused Washington of "trampling on international law".

On Saturday, Russia was forced to vacate its consulate in San Francisco and two diplomatic buildings in New York and Washington after the US ordered the move, the latest twist of a long lasting quarrel.

US federal agents inspected a Russian trade mission in Washington to confirm its closure, a step that drew a fierce diplomatic protest Saturday from Moscow.

The foreign ministry said Sunday that the "US intelligence services, with the support of armed police were now in charge of the seized buildings."

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