Succour is coming the way of over 400 Nigerian traders whose shops were closed by Ghanaian authorities.

According to the Deputy President of Nigeria's Senate, the government of Ghana has promised to reconsider its policy on foreign businesses, following his intervention.

The lawmaker, who is a former Speaker of the Parliament of the Economic Community of West African States, gave the indication on his Facebook page on Sunday, following his discussions with the Regional Minister of the Ashanti Region, Simon Osei-Mensah.

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The Government of Ghana in August this year ordered the sealing off over 400 shops belonging to Nigerians at the expiry of an eviction order issued by the Ministry of Trade.

Ekweremadu noted that the freedom of the peoples of the sub-region to ply their trades in any part of West Africa was central to the prosperity of ECOWAS.

He said: “I spoke with the Regional Minister of Ashanti, Ghana, my brother and former deputy at the ECOWAS Parliament, Simon Osei-Mensah, over the weekend on the pains of the Nigerian business community in the Ashanti Region of Ghana on the sealing off over 400 Nigerian-owned shops in Ghana, especially in Kumasi.

“We shared thoughts on the need to uphold the spirit and letters of the various ECOWAS Protocols as well as the pursuit of the ECOWAS Vision 2020, which aims at a transition from an ECOWAS of states to ECOWAS of peoples.

“Osei-Mensah assured me of the safety of Nigerian businesses and people in Ghana, noting that he would personally take up the matter with the authorities to ensure that the shops were reopened immediately.”