“Parents should teach their children and their wards how to beat the drum of peace, love and not war or intolerance,” he said.

“People should beat the drum of love, harmony and peaceful coexistence where ever they find themselves; war is an evil wind that blows no one good.

“People should learn how to love one another, let it be a norm; when children learn it from cradle they will not depart from it in adulthood.” he said.

These were the words of Most Rev. Martin Uzorukwu, the Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Minna in an interview‎ in his office at St Michael Cathedral Minna.‎

The Bishop said most of the decadence erupted from ‎intolerance some families bred in their homes, which some children carried out to the larger society.

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He emphasised that people should inculcate the attitude of co-existing in harmony where ever they found themselves, irrespective of ethnic background, religion or political affiliation.

“God is one and He is the creator of all of us, irrespective of our religious background; we can see and feel this through the rain, solar energy and other beautiful things of nature.

“Whether your religion is Islam, Christianity or Traditional religion, we are created by the same God and so we must learn how to cohabit if we must move forward as a state and as a nation,” he said.

Similarly, Uzorukwu noted that for peace to exist in any place there must be justice and equity thriving in such society.

“The only thing that can rob a nation of peace is injustice; Nigeria as a nation must learn how to cohabit in harmony and peace.”


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