So, Nigeria’s lawmakers have decided there should be a law to regulate non-government organisations.

The law prescribes the establishment of a commission to regulate the affairs and operations of all NGOs that operate and will operate in Nigeria.

But this has not quite sat well with some civil society organisations.

In fact, there has been a campaign against the bill.

Just the other day, a human rights activist and former Chairman of National Human rights commission, Professor Chidi Odinkalu launched a fierce media campaign against the bill.

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Professor Odinkalu’s argument included the fact that every organization that is not government related, including churches and mosques are not spared in the law.

But the Deputy Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Buba Jibril disagrees with Odinkalu.

Jibril says the proposed law does not affect churches and mosques.

Jibril who is from Kogi State and a member of the All Progressives Congress, maintained in a statement he issued to newsmen in Abuja on Friday that religious organisations and quasi financial institutions were not affected by the bill because they were not NGOs.

“Churches, mosques, esusu and market women associations are not affected by the bill,” Jibril said.

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