Founding pastor of Truth Assembly International Church, Owerri, Apostle Love Judah, has been called out by his member

The church member accused the pastor of some crimes including fraud and sexual assault.

Lisa Venison, a member of the church, said Apostle Judah deceived her into resigning from her high paying job and career as a pharmacist to come and work fully in his ministry. 

She accused him of deceiving other church members and defrauding them by constantly asking them to sow huge sums of money as spiritual seeds.

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She alleged that he sleeps with girls and married women in his church and threatens them with death if they speak out. 

He allegedly made two young girls in his church leave their families to move fully into his church where he began to have threesomes with them.

Mrs Venison says she has evidence to back up her claims. 

She added that she's coming out now because Apostle Judah has absconded to the United States of America to begin deceiving a new set of people and she can't let him harm more people.

The pastor is yet to react to the allegation.

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