"We have been chasing armed robbers up and down Amassoma Road," a police man told Bounce News after an incident that was difficult to explain occurred in the area on Saturday.

There has been increase on crime rate in Bayelsa State especially in the capital city, Yenagoa.

Residents have resorted to retiring early to their homes at night just to stay safe. 

It was about 12:02 a.m., and Mbiama - Yenagoa road was quiet and deserted.

The only vehicular movements were those of security agents and commercial drivers conveying travellers and traders returning late from markets and Bounce News correspondent was one of them.

As a commercial bus approached Gamag fuel station located at Edepie, a young girl ran from the road leading to Austin Dressmann street to the opposite direction and stood.

She wore a pink, transparent cloth that could pass for a blouse and was bare footed.

The driver of the 18-seater bus, whose passengers were all women, had arrived from Onitsha market and parked beside the girl.

One among the three women that alighted as the driver tried to untie their goods from the boot of his car, noticed that the girl was dirty and shivering.

They inquired to know who she was and what she was doing alone at that ungodly hour.

Without uttering a word, she pointed towards the dark Austin Dressmann Road by the fuel station, frightened and still shivering.

Alarmed, the women urged her to speak so they could help her.

"Were you attacked?" they asked.

With difficulty, she responded, "Yes".

"Where?" chorused the passengers in unison. She was silent again.

Feeling concerned, an expectant mother among them followed her gaze, pointed towards the dark corner of the filling station and asked slowly

"Were you raped?". In response, the girl broke down in tears.

Immediately, the driver shouted: "Enter the bus, we are in danger here!".

The passengers responded with another moment of shouts of "God abeg, protect us o!"

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They quickly sat down. The young girl was told to join them but, while she was hesitating, the driver zoomed off towards Tombia roundabout where a four-men police patrol team offered to accompany the women to their houses.

The leader of the patrol team, Sergeant Okio Matthew, told Bounce News that "more than 20 persons had been dispossessed of their belongings at Tombia Bridge tonight". 

He further said that they had been chasing the criminals from one point to another within the area.

The driver and the rest of his passengers continued their journey while the patrol team drove to Austin Dressmann Road, but when Bounce News contacted the patrol team again, they said the young girl was nowhere to be found.

The security agencies in Bayelsa State had earlier advised residents, especially women to limit late night journey within this yuletide.

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